We Thank Dan Adams and All of the Attendees at The Higher Purpose Project Summit

Posted January 30, 2014 by Holly Hutcher-Shamir

1601105_820205035531_1789446114_nWe want to thank Dan Adams  for finding our work and inviting us to participate in The Higher Purpose Project in Tallulah Falls this month. It was a real honor for us that each new participant in the HPP Summit received our book, The Quantum Olympic Workbook, as a tool to write down their deepest goals and passions during the transformative weekend. Each one of the participants I met sparked a commonality that drives our work — the desire to decode their human architecture and find out what unlimited possibilities patiently await their conscious commitment.

Dan Adams  is an inspiring young man and he does an outstanding job of creating close relationships with young people globally. He is easy to trust because he emulates his truth from the back of his eyes and the bottom of his feet as he fulfills his mission.  He designs the Summits to help participants  build a path aligned with their passions. Dan built an ESPY award winning initiative called Mission Kilimanjaro in 2012 and now runs an initiative called The Higher Purpose Project, that connects the strongest leaders from all over the World.

Please support Dan in the his mission and find out how you can join a workshop in your area or apply to attend future Summits in 2014.



The Higher Purpose Project

The Higher Purpose Project is a unique 3-month program specifically designed to help attendees discover their passions and greatest talents, overcome fears and limiting beliefs, build authentic connections with fellow heroes, and provide practical tools and strategies to create a life aligned with a…

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