The Journey A Practical Guide To Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free

Posted July 17, 2014 by Holly Hutcher-Shamir

searchTerri and I will be practicing together next week in Atlanta our new skills–the emotional and physical journey process– from Brandon Bays book, The Journey. We will update you on how our sessions unfold since it will be the first time both of us are using these new skills in our healing practices. I would strongly recommend you check out The Journey, learn the skills and have the courage to facilitate a session for anyone who has an emotional or physical block. When I saw the rainbow across the front and back cover of the book, I knew the author’s frequency was a match to my soul’s essence. If you are reading this blog post, it may be time for you to read her story and learn her healing process too!

Brandon Bays is a best-selling author and expert in the field of mind-body healing. Diagnosed in 1992 with a tumor the size of a basketball, Brandon began a remarkable healing journey that uncovered direct access to the soul and the boundless healing potential within her. Tapping into her background in natural medicine, holistic healing, and the teachings of Deepak Chopra and Candace Pert, she amazed herself and her doctors when she completely healed without drugs, surgery, or pain. Brandon went on to develop the transformational healing work called The Journey®, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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