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Posted October 2, 2014 by Terri Stark

I attended The Heart Of Servant Leasdership Conference presented by Women In Business Networking last week.  It was a day filled to overflowing with empowering and thoughtful dialogue on leadership, serving and supporting each other.

Women in Business Networking (WiBN) is a group of diverse women in business who encourage one another’s professional growth and success. WiBN is based in the Miami Valley region and is a program of Your Better Business Bureau. Their mission is:  “Women in Business Networking provides forums for building relationships so women will achieve professional and personal success through education, resources, and recognition.”

The Heart of Servant Leadership was their Seventh Leadership Development Conference. Some of the highlights from the keynote speakers are:

Sonia Jackson Myles founder, president and CEO of the The Sister Accord started the day off as the Morning Keynote.  Her talk was – Great Leaders have Great Relationships.  She said “Great relationships deliver excellence. Serve. Treat People Well. Commit to integrity and honor. Communicate often and with honesty.  Let go of competition and work together to empower each other.  As founder, president and CEO of The Sister Accord, Sonia has a goal of having One Billion women and girls from every part of the globe agree to live the principles of The Sister Accord.  You can read  full The Sister Accord here. Sonia has added The Sister Accord II which states:  “We are committed to starting the dialogue early with girls about the importance of Sisterhood. Our goal is to eradicate bullying and violence among girls with The Sister Accord II.”  I applaud her efforts!

Dr. Rhonda Reagh was the Luncheon Keynote speaker.  She talked to us about leading side by side. Dr. Reagh encouraged us to show up and be all in every day personally and professionally.  She said, “Never give up; you are always making an impact.”

Robin Elston of Elston Consulting was the Afternoon Keynote speaker. My favorite statement from her talk:  “Face the next challenge as if the previous fall never happened.” Great advice!

The flow of the whole day was that we are in life together and the value of serving and supporting each other is what will change the world for the better.

As I participated in this conference, I was reminded of the many conversations Holly and I had while writing our book, The Quantum Olympics.  We feel so strongly about helping each other that it is the last step in our Nine Step Performance ModelManage Your Spiritual Bank Account.  Step Nine states: “As you participate, perform, contract, and actuaize your individualized expression, dreams, or goals within the steps of the Quantum Olympics, you gain an appreciation for yourself, and for other Olympians and their pursuits.  An omnipresent respect settles through every cell of your being as you understand that individual accomplishment raises the bar of what is possible for all of humanity.  This effect brings gratitude to the W(holy) Beings who have paved the way before you, those who have supported you , to those who strive alongside you, and to the ones who will come after you.”

It was a great conference and I thank the Women in Buisness Networking for all they do to inspire, empower and support women professionally and personally!




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