Taking Your BPA Detox Up A Notch

Posted September 11, 2014 by Holly Hutcher-Shamir


BPA (Bisphenol) is a nasty endocrine-disrupting chemical linked to cancers, hormone imbalances and infertility. This chemical ubiquitously lurks in products we use everyday and there is  a 90% chance it is in your bloodstreams. If you use can goods , drink from plastic bottles, or heat/store your foods in plastic containers and parts, you can consider the following steps to reduce your BPA exposure:

-Do not buy foods in cans which are lined with plastic on the inside.

-Drink beverages and use storage containers made from stainless steel or glass.-Skip cash register receipts because they are coated in powder containing BPA.

-Use the stovetop to reheat food and skip the microwave.

-Any kitchen appliances that heat water in plastic water tanks, avoid.

-Plastic storage containers for take away leach BPA into your food.

-Eat and drink at home more often to control BPA intake.

By following some of the suggested steps tested  which support  Vassar College’s Science, Technology, and Society program you have  a chance to reduce your BPA blood levels by 66% in only 72 hours.


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