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The Heart Of Servant Leadership – WIBN

I attended The Heart Of Servant Leasdership Conference presented by Women In Business Networking last week.  It was a day filled to overflowing with empowering and thoughtful dialogue on leadership, serving and supporting each other. Women in…

{October 2, 2014}

Four Things To Remember About Your Inner Legend

Four Things To Remember About Your Inner Legend

Four things to remember about your Inner Legend is taken from our book – The Quantum Olympics: Human Beings Transforming to Live as W(holy) Beings in the 21st Century. 1.     Your Inner Legend is your history, your story up to this moment in…

{April 1, 2014}

Your Inner Legend: How it is Shaped and Influenced

Your Inner Legend begins to be shaped and influenced even before the moment of conception. Your Inner Legend is your life story. In the beginning, your Inner Legend is shaped and influenced by the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and actions of your…

{October 15, 2013}

The Quantum Olympics Performance Model Workbook image

Quantum Olympic Workshop at Dtox

September 11th – Back to School Workshop! Time: 11am – 1pm Contact Dtox  to book your spot at 404-848-8466 and get venue details. If you want to be a step ahead of your child’s development, add The Quantum Olympics, to…

{September 5, 2013}

Do You Know What You Value?

Do you know what you value?  Honesty?  Integrity? Creativity?  Service?  Values are intangibles.  They are not something you do or have.  They are the melody underneath the notes on the sheet music that is your life. “To be mature you have…

{August 27, 2013}

We are asking for your help!

Whether you are clients, associates, friends, aquaintances, or interested parties, we are so grateful to have you in our lives and we are asking for your help!  When we wrote “The Quantum Olympics: Human Beings Transforming to Live as W(holy)…

{July 2, 2013}

Be Still and Listen

  “Inside you is an inner intelligence that holds your key to life.  Your inner intelligence lives in your heart and the heart of your cells.  It waits patiently for you to connect inward. Connecting to, and cultivating, the resource…

{June 18, 2013}