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Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery

Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery

  Every year, more than 200,000 Americans undergo excruciatingly painful and expensive surgical procedures to have portions of their stomachs removed, or constricted. These procedures can cost up to $35,000 dollars, but gastric bypass…

{November 20, 2012}

Come on, you got this!

“Come on, you got this.”  I hear these words every time I go to a workout at Ft. Wright CrossFit.  CrossFit, defined as: constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement, has a workout of the day (WOD).  Everyone starts the WOD…

{November 15, 2012}

Amazement Awaits by Maya Angelou

For this week’s interview, I offer the poem the Olympic Committee asked Maya Angelou to write for the 2008 Olympics and that she offered again to the 2012 Olympians.  It is a poem that reaches deep inside of me and sews a similar thread as Our…

{October 18, 2012}

Anne Mahlum & Back on My Feet

It is my honor to introduce you to Anne Mahlum, Founder and CEO of Back on My Feet, as the first interview in our new blog series!  If you have read our book The Quantum Olympics, you will remember Anne’s story in Chapter Two as an example of a…

{September 13, 2012}

Book Review:  “You Can Create an Exceptional Life”

Book Review: “You Can Create an Exceptional Life”

Book Review:  “You Can Create an Exceptional Life” In the latest book written by two extraordinary W(holy) Beings – Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, we are privy to a conversation between two friends and comrades on the path of awareness…

{November 17, 2011}