Start Your Day With Billy’s Infinity Greens

Posted November 2, 2011 by Holly Hutcher-Shamir

Billy's Infinity Greens logoThe first thing I do every morning is make my green drink using the superfood gift that Billy crafted. I am so dedicated to Billy’s Infinity Green’s and C’s that I take it with me wherever I am in the world. I have gotten some really dirty looks when I leave my green glasses behind after breakfast. To be honest, it is worth the dirty stares and the horrifying faces I get from people in reaction to my green drink. My health has never been so vibrant.

Billy’s Infinity Greens was born after ten years of research and development – sourced from the finest producers in the world -coupled with soulful dedication to the craft of creating the best superfood formula possible. Billy’s Green formula is comprised of spirulina and blue-green algae-based superfoods packed with the healthiest, most nourishing and life-giving nutrients known to mankind. These are deeply nourishing, revitalizing, and health-transforming superfoods, that Mother Nature provides for us! It is Billy’s vision and promise that such “gifts” from a loving and providing Universe will support you in your Wholistic Healthcare Practice: a quality of Life that is yours intrinsically.

You know that when you buy and use Infinity Greens that Billy’s commitment to using superior ingredients and equitable business dealings is critical to the quality and effectiveness of his unique formula. You can rely on the fact that every superfood ingredient he uses is produced by the very best, and is 100% organic, wild crafted, raw, and vegan. This is why I do not hesitate to recommend Billy’s Infinity Greens to most of my clients.

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