Shoes and the Story They Tell!

Posted July 30, 2013 by Terri Stark

Shoes Shoes and the story they tell – did you know your shoes are telling a story?  They are and they are telling your story! Therefore, you can change the story by making a few decisions!

This post is inspired by an organizing client I worked with last week – thanks NW!  As we stood in front of the closet to sort through her shoes, we set the parameters each pair of shoes needed to meet in order to stay in her life.  For her, they had to be 1. comfortable 2. look good on her feet 3. be in style 4. she had to LOVE them.                             .

But how do your shoes tell a story?

Feng Shui (an ancient Chinese Art of Placement) teaches us that our outer environment reflects our inner environment.  Take a look at your shoes.

Do you have shoes that are broke down and worn out?  That may be a reflection of how you are feeling worn out in your life.

Do you have shoes that hurt your feet and give you a blister every time you wear them? Maybe you are feeling hurt or taken advantage of in some part of your life.

Do you have so many pair of shoes you forget what you have or you can’t find the pair you want to wear?  Ask yourself, “Am I feeling overwhelmed in my life?”

Do you have your go-to shoes?  They are a reflection that you know who you can count on in your life.

If you don’t like the story your shoes are telling, you can change it by cleaning out and gettting rid of the worn out, broken down, hurt your feet shoes.  Pass on the shoes that you never wear.  Make sure the shoes you keep express who you are and love and support you in living the life of your dreams!

Fun Shoes




Do you have a fun pair of shoes that you wear when you are headed out for a good time?

Athletic shoe



Make sure your athletic shoes support you in improving your health.

Rubber Boots




Have the shoes or boots that keep you toasty and dry.

Take a look at your shoes with your “Feng Shui Eyes” and see how they are a metaphor for your life.  Try your shoes on.  They may have been great last year but this year, they just don’t fit you.  Change and upgrade your story by letting go of the shoes that no longer serve you.  When we finished with NW’s shoes, she loved every pair in her closet and she was excited to wear shoes she had forgotten about!

A bonus of cleaning out and letting go of the outdated, worn out, hurt your feet shoes — you make room for new exciting shoes and new exciting adventures in life!

Happy walking and may all your shoes inspire and sustain your beautiful dance in life!