See this toothpick?

Posted October 20, 2011 by Holly Hutcher-Shamir


Rainbow Heart & T-Hawk

Rainbow Heart and T-Hawk are contemporary illustrated characters who have a craving to understand the wholistic perspective of life. In creating the characters, it is our intention that you might recognize yourself in the characters, as they offer a global inner lens perspective on what they feel humanity is facing in day-to-day life living in the 21st Century. With heart, from the poignant to the hilarious, their intention is to inspire and motivate individuals globally to continue to grow as W(holy) Beings.

In this illustration, T-Hawk is telling Rainbow Heart about how we could take a toothpick and explain how everything is connected.

The conversation started with: a toothpick is not just a toothpick. It began as a seed that dropped into the soil, the sun and moon shined upon it, and drops of water nourished its growth into a bamboo tree. The tree was harvested and shaped into a toothpick. There was not just one seed, one tree, or one toothpick. There was not just one hand touching it in the process of its becoming a toothpick. Beginning to end, seed to toothpick, it is all connected and each part affects the whole.

From the conversation, we made the connection of how life evolves in the same way as the toothpick evolved from the bamboo tree. We all start from our individual origin and can look back at life to see how each part of our life impacted the development of the whole. Regardless of what we are doing in one part of life, it affects the whole of our life.

Everything is connected! Do you think a toothpick is just a toothpick?

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