I Love A Good – Followed My Dream Story!

Posted October 28, 2014 by Terri Stark



Please meet:  David Mandelbaum and Jessica Lloyd!

Leigh Weingus wrote and article in the Huffington Post (10/22/14): This Couple’s Biggest Adventure Began When They Switched From Coffee to Green Tea.  I love their story!

“David Mandelbaum and Jessica Lloyd were completely exhausted. They had a happy marriage and successful careers in New York City, but the long hours they logged in the entertainment and finance industries, respectively, left them with very little energy.

So, like any burned out, overworked professionals, they turned to coffee. But instead of getting the boost they needed from their morning cup, Dave’s stomach was consistently upset and Jess would get the jitters and eventually crash. The couple went in search of an alternative, and in 2012 they discovered matcha — a fine-ground green tea.

They started incorporating the tea into their morning ritual and immediately noticed huge changes. They were full of energy, their skin was glowing and the stomachaches and jitters had come to an end. They began to delve deeper into the world of matcha, and found that it was a metabolism booster and kept energy levels up for 3-6 hours with only 34 mg of caffeine, which is about one-third of a cup of coffee. It’s also full of amino acids, including L-Theanine, which is what gives them the feeling they describe as “calm alertness.”

“We turned to each other one morning and said, ‘why don’t people know about this?’” Jess told The Huffington Post.

So the couple launched PANATEA. “It’s derived from the word ‘panacea,’ because it’s the tea that cures all,” Jess said.”

You can read the full Huffington Post article here!

Dave and Jess are following their dream and that dream was born from their own experience of greater health!  Not only have they improved their health, they are on a mission to share the benefits of matcha through their company PANATEA!

Here are their words:


Founded in 2012, PANATEA is a matcha brand for today’s next generationof tea consumers.  As partners in business and life, we believe that successful businesses not only fill a demand or void within the marketplace, but also fulfill the passion, belief and personal commitment of their founders.  Matcha has changed our world, and now we are on a journey to change the world of matcha—creating a modern and approachable offering for an ancient ceremonial delicacy.  We are excited for you to join our#matchamovement!

Sip up and Zen out,

Dave & Jess”

Congratulations Dave & Jess for following your dream!  You are making the world a better place!


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