I am a Joyful Spirit

Posted March 26, 2013 by Terri Stark

I am a Joyful Spirit.

Why do I forget this?  I have to be honest…it is not a pretty sight when I forget it.  Sunday and Monday in Ohio, we had a snow storm.  It’s spring, can we get over the snow and move on?  I was so angry that I had to give myself a lecture before venturing out.  I was seriously afraid I would bite someone.  The harder it snowed the more angry I got.  I tried breathing and being thankful I had a warm home.  I tried to grab my thoughts and use brute force to make them be happy.  The harder I tried the madder I got until I couldn’t even stand myself.  Then, the critic rose to power with smoke and flames,  shouting in a deeply treacherous voice, “Who do you think you are?  You cannot even control your own thoughts!  You teach what?”  Well, that was just too much drama and I switched on the television and disappeared into oblivion.

When I pulled my window blind up this morning, guess what…it was snowing.  I threw my hands up in the air and stomped to another window.  Yep, still snowing.  And then I stopped.  Something was different this morning.  I took a deep breath and went upstairs to my office and meditation, journal writing, calm-myself-down chair.  Being on the second story, the view from my chair makes me feel like I am in a tree house.  It changes my perspective of the world, of life.  When I sat down in the chair, I could see the snow was very different today.  These were big fluffy flakes that were gently floating down from the heavens above.  Gentle.  Soft.  Floating.  I felt the gentleness begin to crack and crumble the hard surface of my anger.  In the quiet of this moment, I remembered that self-brow beating and ass kicking never work for me.

With a sigh, I let the anger go and picked up my journal.  I was ready to talk to my inner self, my inner intelligence who speaks softly with love.  During the conversation, I felt my Joyful Spirit bubble up.  I smiled and was reminded of the saying that goes — we teach what we need to learn.

I am grateful we live in a forgiving Universe and as quickly as the snap of our fingers, we can change the direction of our thoughts and thusly, our life.

In our book, The Quantum Olympics, Chapter Five is Your Inner Intelligence.  We write, “It is never too late to learn to connect to your inner intelligence, but neither is it too soon.”  Connecting to your inner intelligence – or whatever you name you call that part of you that is your inner voice – is a practice to develop and strengthen.  It is developed in stillness and, with gentleness, you can recapture your Joyful Spirit.

I am deeply grateful to reintegrate my Joyful Spirit today.Joyful Spirit

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  • el

    Terrific, Terri. How great is this? Even we, who are (W)holy beings, have a wonderfully human day! thanks for sharing. Loved it and will pass it on.

  • oneheartconnection

    Thanks El! For me, it is showing up every day, pulling on my boots and doing the best I can in as many moments as I can! Thanks for your support!