Daring Greatly on Super Soul Sunday

Posted March 28, 2013 by Terri Stark

Untitled-1A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  Since then, she appeared on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah.  There was supposed to only be one episode but it wasn’t enough.  They needed two hours and still only scratched the surface of Daring Greatly.   If you have not watched these episodes, I highly recommend you watch them now!  (Go here to access both episodes)

My intention was to summarize my thoughts from the episodes in order to inspire you to go watch the full shows.  The depth and multiple layers of shame make the viewing time spent a highly personal experience.  I confess my fear of not doing the subject matter justice keeps me from summarizing what your experience might be.  Shame is deeply personal.  Brene and Oprah are gentle and open as they discuss shame, vulnerability, authenticity and Daring Greatly.

Check the shows out and please share your thoughts here.  Let’s shine the light and heal so that we may all step into the arena and dare greatly!


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