Consulting & Workshops

One Heart Connection provides Wholistic Consulting Services and Workshops that are customized and designed specifically to the client’s needs.

The foundation of our work is based upon a science of thought that life is quantum and everything is interconnected. We have designed The Quantum Olympics Performance Model as a template to guide our clients toward putting their individualized expression, dream or goal into action immediately.

Our clients are people who want to do more than just go through the motions of life. They are individuals pursing personal or professional goals, academic institutions, businesses and groups who want to make a change to empower and improve their performance.

We facilitate how to:

  • Identify your individualized expression, dream or goal
  • Create a daily practice of connecting to your inner intelligence
  • Apply self-discipline to bring your vision to life
  • Determine the changes you need in order to improve
  • Understand how to partner the conscious and sub-conscious mind
  • Establish a flip and switch
  • Clarify the importance of consistency in your commitment
  • Work smart to be and play like pro
  • Build a wholistic health practice to sustain your performance
  • Evaluate your improvements: finish strong, hit the wall, and celebrate
  • Recognize the value of sharing the wealth of who you are
  • Align the power of your intentions by signing a contract with yourself
  • Follow-up of one month, six months, or one year – determined by your individual needs.

When taking conscious action, the experience gained is a greater understanding of the connection between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level of your performance as Quantum Olympians in day-to-day life.

Between the two of us, we bring over two decades of personal and professional experience to our work. We are committed to research and integrate different fields of study as we update the tools and techniques in the services we provide to you in our wholistic model. As passionate advocates, we are dedicated to helping you tap into your unlimited human potential and putting it into the action of your day-to-day life.

Every moment of life is precious. It is never too late nor too soon to make a change. Contact us now and let’s begin customizing a personal or professional plan to put your individualized expression, dreams and goals into action today!