Climb over that Wall and Finish Strong!

Posted January 15, 2013 by Terri Stark

I caught up with a client who is selling their home.  They have been working on a long punch list to bring their house up to good “selling shape.”

At the time they decided to sell their home, they also made a commitment to getting healthy.  They had a few health issues that were creeping up and beginning to cause issues in their day-to-day life.

I confess I always get excited in these situations because the inner-connectedness of all things is blatantly on display and there is no way around the evidence!

How you take care of your home is a direct reflection of how you take care of yourself.  In this client’s case, they had let things slide in their home and in their health.  The punch lists for making improvements mirrored each other.

When we caught up, I asked how the punch list was going.  They had made great strides and then the work had stopped.  Work, the holidays, travel, and just being tired of working all day only to return home and continue working on repairs had worn them down. There are just little bits to complete.  A switch plate cover here, a mirror to hang there, and a towel rack waiting to be installed.

We had a conversation about the importance of completing all of these little bits.  It is important to finish in order to put a good product – the house – on the market and important to concretize the healthy lifestyle changes they were making.

In our Nine-Step Quantum Olympics Performance Model, Step Eight is Evaluate, Finish Strong, Hit the Wall, and Celebrate.  When you evaluate, you make sure you are on target and determine if the change or goal needs to be tweaked.  As you evaluate, you re-energize your change or goal and move into finishing strong.  Finish Strong helps you acknowledge how far you have come,  look to see the end, and inspires the determination to keep going to completion.  Hit the wall is your strategy when you get tired or discouraged.  Having this strategy in place keeps you on track and moving toward the achievement of your change or goal.  Even if your strategy is to take a day off or to do something totally different, you will still be moving forward.  Celebrate is important so that you acknowledge what you have achieved and you learn, through self-experience, that you can reach the fulfillment of a change or goal.  The achievement becomes a part of your future strategy so that the next time you doubt being able to keep going, you can say, “Yes I can.  I’ve done it before and I can do it again!”

By revisting the goals and looking deeper at understanding the connection of how the upgrades they were making to the house was hand in hand with the upgrades they were making to their health, this client became re-energized and recommitted to climb over the wall and finish strong!



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  • EL

    Terrific reminder, Terri, thank you!  I did the Quantam Olympics about a year ago and realize that I need to do it for my current challenges and goals.  It’s about the hitting the wall and the Finish!  thanks so much, El

  • Terri

    Thanks El!  As you know, there is no denying that connectedness!  We have redesigned our forms since you purchased the book.  Check out the shortened version on our website or our workbook is a great place to dive in and begin your transformation!  Please let us know if you have any questions!