Building an Inner Sanctuary – An Interview with Terah Kathryn Collins

Posted January 31, 2013 by Terri Stark

A couple of emails, two hours later and ..…whoosh….. Terah and I were fully engaged for a phone interview!  I love it when the Universe conspires to create magic!

Essential Pearl #6: Your Inner Sanctuary and Beyond

“Reclaim the wings of your imagination and ride the currents of feeling into your inner world.  The sanctuary of your heart is not so much thought as felt into being.  Fill it with love, love, and more love…As you breathe life into your inner world, it takes on a vitality of its own. It breathes life back into you…Be ever enchanted as you drink in the layers of astonishing beauty that your choices create.  They are sole and eternally yours.”   –  Excerpt from The Three Sisters of the Tao

Terri:   Terah, thank you so much for agreeing to an interview!  I am anxious to hear more about Building an Inner Sanctuary!

Terah:  You got it!  I don’t feel we are encouraged enough to use our imaginations and with our imagination, we can create an inner sanctuary that is beyond budgetary or material constraints where there is no compromising or settling.  You get to have it how you want it!  You decide if it is in the country or city, if it has structures or not.  It is a place you can develop within, a place with no boundaries. An inner sanctuary is an unbridled expression of our creative imaginations!

Terri:  Do you have an inner sanctuary?

Terah:  I do and I go there every single morning to meditate.  Designing an inner sanctuary develops your creativity and enriches the connection between your inner and outer worlds.  My inner sanctuary includes Lake Love and Emerald Island.  There is a cave with a hot pool of water that I can dip in and out of at my leisure.  I also have a Healing Temple whose ceiling is made from billions of crystals and when the sun shines through, I am covered in rainbows.  I can go and lay on the healing table and the crystals overhead wash over my body with the colors corresponding to my chakras.

Terri:  What is your advice for beginning this inner building?

Terah:  Building your inner sanctuary is a deep inquiry into what you really need.  Live into it.  Let it evolve and develop.  It is an invitation to open more deeply day-by-day, evening-by-evening and step-by-step.  Allow your imagination free reign.  You may find a place where you stop yourself and that’s okay.  Keep inviting yourself to expand within.  Experience your own limitlessness.   It is another step in the beautiful dance of life!

Terri:  Ahhhh, I feel the peaceful presence of freedom in this!

Terah:  You can deepen the experience of your inner sanctuary by collecting images from magazines, greeting cards, etc. that capture different aspects of your sanctuary and use them to create a collage.  You can gather symbols, natural objects, and any other meaningful components of your inner sanctuary and arrange them where you will see them daily.

Terri:  As always, it is a great and delicious joy to unleash creativity with you Terah!  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and inner sanctuary with us!

Note: After the interview, I sat down and undertook the building of my inner sanctuary.  I was amazed at the rules I flung into the air about what I could and couldn’t have!  It was very eye opening to reveal where I create boundaries for myself.  It is a beautiful, spirit empowering process!

I highly recommend Terah’s book, The Three Sisters of the Tao.  It is a treasure trove of pearls to be immersed in and adorned with!

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Terah Kathryn Collins is a best-selling author, founder of the Western School of Feng Shui, and originator of Essential Feng Shui®, focusing on the many practical benefits Feng Shui offers to our Western culture. Her inspirational books, including The Western Guide to Feng Shui, Room by Room and The Three Sisters of the Tao, provide wise counsel on how to sustain – or regain – harmony in life and have sold over a million copies worldwide

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  • Sjgkvmo22

    I always commented that I did not have an imagination, now I’m thinking I just didn’t sit still long enough to find one!  Nice interview!

    • oneheartconnection

      Sweet! A new understanding on your birthday!