Book Review: “You Can Create an Exceptional Life”

Posted November 17, 2011 by Terri Stark

Book Review:  “You Can Create an Exceptional Life”

In the latest book written by two extraordinary W(holy) Beings – Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, we are privy to a conversation between two friends and comrades on the path of awareness and enlightenment.

Louise Hay is the Queen of Affirmations and Cheryl Richardson is a Life Coach who empowered a movement to create life makeover groups so that people could join with like-minded people and support each other on their life journey.

“You Can Create an Exceptional Life” is the best explanation and demonstration of affirmations I have yet to read.  In its simplicity, you will be placed right in the middle of the present moment listening to your thoughts.

One of my favorite chapters is Chapter Three – How You Start Your Day Is How You Live Your Day.  Cheryl asked Louise what was on her mind as they started one of their writing sessions. Louise answered:  “ We must teach people how to begin their day.  The first hour of the morning is crucial.  How you spend it will determine your experience for the rest of your day.”

I have definitely experienced this is my life!  When I jump out of bed and run headlong into my day, the rush continues through the whole day.  When I take even 15 minutes to pause, give thanks for the day and all it brings, set my intentions for the day, and seeing it all go smoothly and joyfully, my day goes a whole lot better.  Even if something unexpected or unpleasant comes up, I handle it with a lot more grace.

I feel an important point Louise and Cheryl make is that we are doing affirmations all the time.  Everything you think and say to yourself throughout your whole day is an affirmation.   Sure you may sit down and write a few affirmations every morning – and that is truly life changing. However, when you let the awareness of your thoughts and inner conversation flow through the rest of your day, you amp up the change possible.

If you have read our book, “The Quantum Olympics:  Human Beings Transforming to Live as W(holy) Beings in the 21st Century,” you have seen how we have stressed the importance of mind discipline, intention, and the creative force of our thoughts. In fact, affirmations, mind discipline, intention, in one form or another, are in every step of the Performance Model for the Quantum Olympics.

If you want to understand more about affirmations, I highly recommend, “You Can Create an Exceptional Life.” 

How do you start your day?  Do you have a routine or ritual that helps you be the best you for the day?  Let us know by commenting on this blog post.  As we all share together, we are empowered in our own life!

Have a great day today!

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