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The Heart Of Servant Leadership – WIBN

I attended The Heart Of Servant Leasdership Conference presented by Women In Business Networking last week.  It was a day filled to overflowing with empowering and thoughtful dialogue on leadership, serving and supporting each other. Women in…

{October 2, 2014}

“This Is What Brave Means”

I LOVE this post by Momastery (Glennon Doyle Melton) – “This Is What Brave Means!” “Over time I have come to believe that brave does not mean what we think it does. It does not mean “being afraid and doing it anyway.” Nope. Brave means…

{September 30, 2014}

Usher in Autumn Equinox

Usher in Autumn Equinox

    The Equinox is a wonderful time to make meaningful changes or enhancements in our lives – bringing closure to some things and honoring these ‘endings’, thereby making way for new intentions and new beginnings to take…

{September 23, 2014}

“The Meaning of Life, Explained by Third Graders”

“The Meaning of Life, Explained by Third Graders” is simple and extraordinary.  I love it when I find something so simple that as I sit quietly, I realize it is my heart that is listening. This video does that. The only thing I would add is that…

{September 18, 2014}

Commitment Means Staying Loyal

How many times have you said, “That’s it, from now on ___________!”  and then, promptly forgot about it the next day, week, month or year?  I’ve done it a bunch, more than I would like to admit!  What I know from my experience, personally…

{September 16, 2014}

Taking Your BPA Detox Up A Notch

BPA (Bisphenol) is a nasty endocrine-disrupting chemical linked to cancers, hormone imbalances and infertility. This chemical ubiquitously lurks in products we use everyday and there is  a 90% chance it is in your bloodstreams. If you use can…

{September 11, 2014}