Billy Joel Making A Deposit Into His Spiritual Bank Account

Posted February 6, 2014 by Terri Stark

Billy JoelBilly Joel gifts us with a beautiful example of a W(holy) Being in action and making a deposit into his Spiritual Bank Account.  I found a video of Billy Joel from a YouTube link included in the Peaceful Daily Tips on Tuesday, February 5, 2014. I love the generosity of spirit that Billy Joel shows to Michael Pollack, a student at Vanderbilt University. Billy Joel was taking questions from the audience and Michael Pollack asks if he can accompany Billy singing “New York State of Mind.”

Billy Joel said yes.  He didn’t have to say yes but he did.

In our book, The Quantum Olympics, Step Nine in the Quantum Olympics Performance Model is Manage Your Spiritual Bank Account.  You make a deposit in your Spiritual Bank Account when you share the wealth of who you are and when you are a resource to make a difference. In your Spiritual Bank Account, the size of your deposit makes no difference.  It might be holding the door open for a young mother struggling to herd her children into the grocery store or making a donation to a local family who lost all their possessions in a fire. Or like Billy Joel, giving someone the opportunity to step up on stage and be who they are.  There are times when the greatest way you can share the wealth of who you are is acting with kindness and compassion toward yourself.

From The Quantum Olympics, “As you participate, perform, contract, and actualize your individualized expression, dreams, or goals within the steps of the Quantum Olympics, you gain an appreciation for yourself, and for the other athletes and their pursuits.  An omnipresent respect settles through every cell of your being as you understand that individual accomplishment raises the bar of what is possible for all of humanity.  This effect brings gratitude to the W(holy) Beings who have paved the way before you, those who have supported you, to those who strive alongside you, and to the ones who will come after you.  With this perspective, your view expands and you begin to experience heart-to-heart, the interconnectedness of all things. It compels you to move beyond yourself and step into your sacred duty, as a W(holy) Being, to share the wealth of who you are by deeply caring for humanity, sentient beings, and the planet.”

You don’t always know the outcome of a kind gesture or helping hand – a deposit in your Spiritual Bank Account.  In this case, the video of Billy Joel and Michael Pollack was picked up by Rolling Stone and went viral with over a million views. It earned Michael an interview on HLN Showbiz.  (You can watch the interview here!) I doubt that, in the moment of the request, Billy Joel thought about what the opportunity might inspire for this young man.  He simply said yes because he could – he simply shared the wealth of who he is.

Cheers to you Mr. Billy Joel! You inspire me to look for the moments where I can hold out my hand and heart to help!


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