Announcing: “The Quantum Olympics” is now available as an eBook!

Posted November 28, 2011 by Terri Stark

The Quantum Olympics book coverOur eBook is ready on Kindle and Nook!

It’s great timing to have “The Quantum Olympics” as you assess your life at the end of this year and use as a guide to gear up for a highly prophesized and speculated 2012!

For two weeks only, “The Quantum Olympics” is on special for .99¢
on Kindle and Nook!

Here are the links that take you directly to the purchase page:


Barnes & Noble

Coming soon, “The Quantum Olympics” will be available for purchase on the iPad!

We are grateful for your continued support!

Terri & Holly

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  • Terri

    Guess what…”The Quantum Olympics: Human Beings Transforming to Live as W(holy) Beings in the 21st Century” is available on the iPad today! For a limited time, the eBook is available on iPad, Kindle, and Nook for 99 cents! Quick – get your copy!