The Characters

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The Characters

Rainbow Heart and T-Hawk – two contemporary illustrated characters – were created as extensions of Holly and Terri to expand their actualization of service to a larger global audience. They want you to join them, and recognize yourself in their characters, as they offer a global inner lens perspective on what they feel humanity is facing in day-to-day life living in the 21st Century. Rainbow Heart and T-Hawk care about your personal happiness, growth, sense of purpose, and well-being. You can count on them to cheer you on no matter what is happening in your life. With heart, from the poignant to the hilarious, their intention is to inspire and motivate individuals globally to continue to grow as W(holy) Beings.

Rainbow Heart

Rainbow Heart imageHolly has had a life long love of natural rainbows. She loves the way they look and how all of the colors of the rainbow are a frequency of white light. The mystical meaning and essence of rainbows is one Holly feels deeply touches a special place inside of her being. When Holly and Terri met, Terri picked up on the rainbow essence in Holly’s presence right away yet knew there was more to it. One day, Terri found rainbow heart stickers and knew it captured the energy of Holly’s being. She began calling Holly – Rainbow Heart – in that moment. When the time came to create the illustrated character that would imbue Holly’s essence, her character had to be named Rainbow Heart.


T-Hawk imageHolly’s daughter, who was 12 at the time, nicknamed Terri, TT. Holly shortened it to T. During the development of the characters, she knew the essence that captured Terri’s spirit was the name T-Hawk. Every time they got together for a walk, or would be driving in the car, a hawk would always be nearby. Holly experiences that when she looks into Terri’s eyes, Terri peers back deeply into your soul as if you are eye to eye with a hawk. The hawk symbolizes Terri’s ability to peer straight through to the deepest layers of life.