A Letter from Terri & Holly

Dear W(holy) Being,

Our intention, with our lives and work, is to be catalysts for humanity to grab onto their lives, to look at life through a wholistic lens, and embrace the divine connection that all of life is intertwined and sacred.

As our global vision, we have written Our Prayer for a One Heart World. It is the driving force behind what we are personally working at every day. Connected to our vision is our intention to create a non-profit foundation that we will use to fund organizations and like-minded ideologies that contribute to the fulfillment of Our Prayer.

We are sharing Our Prayer for a One Heart World with the hope it inspires you to make conscious choices to transform from living as a human being to live as W(holy) Being in the 21st Century.

In One Heart,

Holly and Terri

Our Prayer for a One Heart World

In a One Heart World, humanity lives as W(holy) Beings.

We see W(holy) Beings believing in the ocean of unlimited human potential,

Opening their hearts as they inhale the Holiness of life by honoring all life and its mysteries with reverence for each other,

Undressing the layers of false identity and celebrating the birth of themselves into a new skin,

Creating a daily practice to listen to the wisdom of their inner intelligence guiding how they relate and contribute to themselves, the world, and the universe,

Self-actualizing their best performance in the living documentary of life every day,

Caring that all beings are loved, sheltered, nourished, educated, and healthy on all levels: mind, body, emotion, and spirit,

Living as One Family with equal status and dignity granted to all children, women, and men around the globe,

Acting responsibly as One Family with the usage and replenishment of our earth’s resources,

Supporting conscious capitalism to create a footprint for the melding of the ancient future for a green collar generation including: capping carbon output, using alternative energy technology and clean tech innovation, funding research, development, and programs to provide education and medical care globally, standardizing an integrative medical model, living a greener existence, building sustainable schools and communities, and supporting organic and biodynamic farming,

Contributing to world peace by gaining their own inner peace knowing the wholistic impact on the Oneness of all beings, the earth, and the universe,

Sharing the wealth of who they are by having the courage and willingness to devote themselves, body and soul, to make a difference any way they can,

Living in gratitude at the stem cell level,

Having the knowing that there is something bigger than they are,

We see all hearts, and the heart of every cell, connected in One Heart speaking the One Language of all time… Love.