Holly and Terri together imageOne Heart Connection is a wholistic living consultancy that includes services for individual and group consulting, workshops, and the book – The Quantum Olympics: Human Beings Transforming to Live as W(holy) Beings in the 21st Century.

The founders, Holly Hutcher-Shamir and Terri Stark, are wholistic wellness consultants. With a combined professional expertise of over twenty years, they have created their company One Heart Connection based on their wholistic perspective of life.

The mission of One Heart Connection is:

  • To educate clients on how to look at their life through a wholistic lens and understand that what they do in one part of their life impacts the whole of their life.
  • To help clients develop a quantum understanding of the sacredness of life and the oneness of all Beings, the Earth, and the Universe.
  • To champion clients to live deliberately by making conscious choices, and taking responsibility for their life force.
  • To facilitate clients in implementing positive changes and the self-actualization of their dreams and goals.

Whether you are an individual pursuing a personal or professional goal, or an academic institution, business, or group who wants to empower performance, One Heart Connection has developed The Quantum Olympic Performance Model that enables you to evaluate your current situation, determine your change or goal, and how to put the change or goal into action. The Quantum Olympic Performance Model is customized to the individual and wholistically raises the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level of personal performance in day-to-day life.

At One Heart Connection, the pillar of our wholistic living consultancy is to effectuate a change that separateness is an illusion and bring awareness so that everything is connected has a palpable sense to humanity. We believe in the unlimited human potential that lies within our clients and are passionate about helping our clients lead happy, healthy lives and fulfill their dreams and goals.

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