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To advocate… for human beings to transform to live as W(holy) Beings by opening their hearts as they inhale the Holiness of life, by honoring all life and its mysteries, with reverence for each other knowing everything is connected.

The Quantum Olympics

Authors Holly Hutcher-Shamir and Terri Stark have spent years collecting thoughtful, proven information and strategies to assist in dramatically changing their lives and the lives of others.

“Amazing and so simple! Once you start reading you wonder why you never thought of these things before! The questions were a real eye opener for me once I started answering them. It was like a light bulb went on in my head! Thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work to bring this book to all of us! A MUST read for sure!”

- Serenity in Mississippi

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Commitment Means Staying Loyal

How many times have you said, “That’s it, from now on ___________!”  and then, promptly forgot about it the next day, week, month or year?  I’ve done it a bunch, more than I would like to admit!  What I know from my experience, personally…

{September 16, 2014}


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